Bristol’s Calouro to lead Joint Finance Committee

Bristol’s Calouro to lead Joint Finance Committee


When Warren Town Councilor Cathie Tattrie was voted in as the Joint Finance Committee’s interim chairman, she was the only person to vote against her nomination. On Thursday, March 14, Bristol’s Nathan Calouro was voted unanimously to the chairman’s seat, a position that seems to go to anyone willing and thick-skinned enough to accept.

“I’m hesitantly looking forward to it,” said Mr. Calouro.

As a first-term member of the Bristol Town Council, Mr. Calouro said that since the seat was previously held by former Bristol Town Councilor David Barboza, that a Warren representative to the JFC should act as chairman.

“Tony DeSisto (Warren’s town solicitor) recommended against Warren taking the chairman’s seat,” Mr. Calouro said.

Legal action is pending against the town of Warren after the town council’s refusal to pay their town’s share of the FY 2013 school budget increase. The Bristol Warren Regional School District brought suit against Warren in an attempt to make them pay their share.

Despite the financial challenges and the mantra of doing more with less, Mr. Calouro is optimistic that all involved parties can work together and move ahead productively.

“All of our goals are the same – to provide the best education we can,” he said. “Our job is to look at the large dollar amount at the bottom. I’ve spent some time going through the budget. There are so many things you can’t do anything about. I’m not trying to stop those bad things. I want to make good things happen.”

Due to time constraints, the Joint Finance Committee will hold only one meeting before voting on accepting the FY2013-2014 school budget.

On Tuesday, March 26, at 7 p.m. the JFC will hold a meeting inside the Mt. Hope High School auditorium where members of the Bristol Warren Regional School District administration and school committee will present their budget request. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers and public comment.