Bristol woman finds success in others’ health

Bristol woman finds success in others’ health

Sue Pasqual was recently named the TLS Trainer of the Year.


Sue Pasqual was recently named the TLS Trainer of the Year.
Sue Pasqual was recently named the TLS Trainer of the Year.
Sue Pasqual of Bristol doesn’t consider herself to be a fitness fanatic. Yes, she has trophies from her days competing in Fitness and Figure competitions where her sculpted body impressed the judges; and yes, in 2010 she won coach of the year from a company called TLS Weight Loss Solution for spreading her enthusiasm and knowledge to others who often struggle with dieting.

Despite the trophies and awards, Ms. Pasqual said that it’s seeing how she can empower others to adapt their everyday lives to make significant healthy changes is what keeps her motivated.

“I’m a big goal person,” Ms. Pasqual said. “You need food. We don’t count calories, we adapt a lifestyle.”

Ms. Pasqual is known across town and throughout the East Bay where she’s worked with more than 600 clients since she began her wellness career in 2008. A registered nurse with credentials to be a nurse practitioner, she instead looks for people who want to live a healthy life and shows them how to reach their goal.

Recently she won the TLS Trainer of the Year award, a coveted prize among her colleagues, earned for her ability to inspire others to coach.

While to some, living healthier is incentive enough to adopt healthy habits, Ms. Pasqual is looking for people who are on the fence about changing their lifestyle and hopes that a $100,000 carrot will pique their interest.

“The $100,000 challenge is something we’re fired up about,” Ms. Pasqual said of the 25 people she is coaching for it.

It’s a country-wide challenge, based on body composition, not weight loss, giving everyone an equal chance at success. Judging will include before and after photos and an essay portion where participants can reflect on the process and how it worked for them.

While the challenge is called the $100,000 Find Your Fit Challenge, it is divided into individual and team competition with a top prize of $50,000 at stake. But even the lowest prize is $1,000, Ms. Pasqual said, enough to inspire some to change their view on diet and exercise and receive the support based on their personality, goals, personal needs and budget for them to live healtier.

“Americans are the most over fed and undernourished people in the world,” she said. “It’s not about spending five hours in the gym.”

Success, she said is learning to offset the 20 percent of the time spent indulging yourself in comfort foods, with 80 percent of your time spent maintaining and sustaining healthy habits.

The weight loss challenge begins on August 30 and runs for three months, through November.

“Not everybody is willing to do what it takes,” she said.

But for those who are, the rewards, physically, emotionally – and financially – can be worth the effort.

Anyone who is interested in attempting the $100,000 TLS Find Your Fit Challenge can contact Ms. Pasqual at [email protected]