Bristol woman charged with hitting cop

Bristol woman charged with hitting cop


Editor’s note: This article has been edited from its original form.

A Bristol woman who reportedly acknowledged drinking and taking anxiety medication was arrested outside of Aidan’s Pub on Thames Street late Sunday night after allegedly punching a police officer in an angry outburst.

Kimberly Madden, 30, of 34 Dartmouth St., Bristol, was charged with assault and disorderly conduct after she reportedly made a scene outside the bar just after midnight. Officers arrived to find Ms. Madden appearing very upset and yelling outside the bar. Her mood swung between anger and despair, reports indicate, and officers were unable to convince her to calm down as other customers at Aidan’s started to gather around to watch the scene, reports indicate.

Eventually, Ms. Madden appeared to calm down. She then instantly became angry again, and started swinging her arms at officers, hitting one in the chest and lower abdomen, according to reports. At that point, she was arrested and brought to the station. While en route, Ms. Madden reportedly apologized for her behavior. At the police station, however, she refused to be processed, and instead of signing her release papers, drew a 5-point star with a circle around it and wrote “CIA” beside it.

Ms. Madden is due in court to answer the misdemeanor charges on July 23.



  1. Shame on you, Mr. Luce, for reporting this story in this way. Or is this paper now a forum for reporters to make fun of the people in town and call it news? You should offer this woman an apology. Based on your story, she was either intoxicated, suffering from a mental condition, or both. Either way, she does not deserve to be singled out in this way by you. Here’s how you should have reported it: “Bristol resident arrested for disorderly conduct outside of Aidan’s Pub.” But perhaps this way was more fun for you – at Ms. Madden’s expense.

  2. I sincerely hope that when you, Mr. Luce, have your darkest moment in life you are shown more compassion than what you have shown Ms. Madden. This is not journalism and it’s not news. It’s just mean spirited exploitation. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. What’s next, following around people suffering from schizophrenia and making fun of them?

    I agree with the first and third post-ers. I believe it’s only a coincidence that this incident happened at Aidan’s and that, while alcohol might have aggravated the situation, is was not, by itself, the root cause of Ms. Madden’s issues.

    I hope two things happen:

    1) Ms. Madden gets the help she needs and learns to avoid situations like this in the future; and

    2) This story is pulled from the print edition of the Phoenix before tomorrow.

  4. A “good friend of Barack Obama” who “worked under the Dalai Lama” and who’s friend is “a member of the CIA”


  5. I gotta say..I hope this moronic comedian author Patrick Luce, suffers the same humiliation and I get to read about it. What an idiot. Something tells me he’s been smacked in the teeth a few times in his miserable life…Probably more to come.

  6. This is appalling! Everyone has a right to freedom of speech but at whose expense, certainly not Mr. Luce’s. Obviously there is no Journalist Integrity on the part of Mr. Luce or East Bay Newspapers for allowing this to hit the website and possibly print. If putting up a story of this nature on your website to increase hits and grab someone’s attention it is a sad commentary on what East Bay Newspapers represents.

  7. Thank you all very much for your feedback. There are some very valid points made in many of your comments, which prompted us to take another look at the article. After careful consideration, we decided to change the article, including just the most pertinent facts that led to the arrest. We very much value the opinions of our readers and aim to be responsive to your concerns. Thank you again!

  8. Thank you, Mr. Luce, for considering the feedback, checking your ego, and deciding to edit your story. Though the incident is indeed a matter of public record, the details that exploit one party’s mental health issues deserves your discretion. Editing and republishing IS journalistic integrity.

  9. This is not what happened at all… my friend had mono and said “I don’t know what is happening to me. There is something wrong” and she was really drunk. She put her hand out to get help from the cop and the cop grabbed her and threw her on the ground after she stumbled around and was blacking out from pain. They took her to the hospital in Newport because her spleen almost ruptured. My friend has PTSD from severe abuse from an ex. She couldn’t have signed the paper work the way noted because I followed her to the hospital after she was thrown in the back of the police vehicle and then brought to Newport. She didn’t have her rights read to her and this article is an embarrassment to the paper. She didn’t throw a single punch at anyone and if she did, they still wouldn’t be right from it.

  10. As just reading this, this issue has happen several hundred times, with these reporters of the Eastbay, They print a story ripped from police reports, which anyone who has read one knows there one sided reports and 85% don’t tell the truth. JUst once I would love to see the eastbay paper report a story and add if the person involved wanted to comment on their side or not. What happen to every story has 2 sides. As our constitution allows everyone the right of innocence until found guilty, why do our newspapers get to smear untruth about citizens. A fact that bothers me is the statement that she made in the rear of the car, Who heard it, was there a recording device in the car? why report hearsay? and that is just what it is. Mr. Luce like the rest of these supposed reporters are looking to sell papers and a persons rights mean nothing.