Bristol teen disrupts burglary in progress

Bristol teen disrupts burglary in progress



A 15-year-old Bristol teen was home alone July 9 when he happened upon a burglary-in-progress.

Police were called to the Wall Street home at 11:20 a.m., where the teen told officers that he heard a door close, and his dogs barking, leading him to enter a bedroom on the second floor. Once there, the teen told police he saw a black male standing in front of an open jewelry box. Startled, the male, later identified as Anthony Giampietro, Jr., 24, of 11 Terrace Drive, fled on foot out the front door.

The teen, as well as a nearby landscaper, were able to provide police with a detailed description of the male, enabling officers to locate Mr. Giampietro.

Mr. Giampietro was brought back to the Wall Street home, where he was positively identified as the burglar by the teen.

Mr. Giampietro was arrested on charges of vandalism and breaking and entering of a dwelling while a resident was home.

Police discovered that Mr. Giampietro gained access to the home through a first-floor window. He was also unarmed.





  1. Good job !! Now just hope he gets a “real” jail sentence and not set free by one of RI’s liberal judges, or given a pass by RI’s own humpty dumpty governor