Bristol statistical revaluation to begin

Bristol statistical revaluation to begin


As part of the 2013 statistical update revaluation, representatives from Clipboard will be visiting select homes and businesses in the town of Bristol. These representatives will carry an ID card signed by Bristol town officials and their vehicles are listed with the Bristol police department. They will be conducting both exterior and interior inspections of property in Bristol. The town requests that property owners cooperate with the inspectors.

“Not every property will be visited,” said Owen Hartnett, president of Clipboard. “Because this is only a statistical revaluation, usually only properties that have sold or have taken out a building permit will be inspected.”

Occasionally, he said, other properties may need to be inspected, if necessary.

The statistical update revaluation is mandated by state law to be performed every three years, except in the ninth year, when a full revaluation must be performed. The 2013 valuation will be complete early next year and will appear on the tax billing for 2014.

Any questions regarding the revaluation may be directed to the Bristol tax assessor’s office at town hall, 253-7000.