Bristol safety campaign enforces seat belt law

Bristol safety campaign enforces seat belt law


bristol PD carPolice step up click it or ticket campaign

The message on the flashing road sign positioned around Bristol says ‘click it or ticket’. It’s a message that motorists who drive through Bristol and other parts of Rhode Island should heed.

From March 18 through March 24, Bristol police will join departments statewide in a national click it or ticket campaign to ensure that the seatbelt law is being obeyed. By law, drivers and passengers are required to buckle up when in a moving vehicle. If a police officer observes a non-belted motorist, that vehicle will be pulled over and the driver will be issued a citation for every person in the vehicle who is not properly belted. Each offense carries an $85 fine. The seatbelt law, which was enacted with a sunset clause, will expire in July 2013.


  1. one of the stupidest laws ever to be made up. who’s business is it but my own if i decide not to buckle up? am i putting others in danger if i don’t buckle up, of course not. and for those that say, “others will have to foot the bill for my decision”, i say, let me live and suffer with “my” decision.

    get the “Nanny” out of my car and my life.