Bristol residents turn in 58 unwanted guns

Bristol residents turn in 58 unwanted guns


Bristol residents turned in 58 firearms that they had no use for and didn’t want to have around their house during a gun buy back event held last Saturday at the Bristol Police Station. Residents were eligible to receive $50 for rifles, $100 for handguns and $200 for assault rifles, though none of those were handed in.

Similar events were held in Providence and Central Falls among Bristol police and the cities of Providence and Woonsocket held a gun buy back event, and funds were provided through private contributions and administered through Providence Mayor Angel Tavares’ office. This is the third time that Bristol held a gun buyback; two years ago, Bristol residents turned in 19 guns and last year, 27.

“There’s way too many guns out there,” said Bristol Police Chief Josue Canario, who worked with Bristol Town Administrator Tony Teixeira on the event.

While Chief Canario said he does not oppose the right to own a firearm, he said gun buyback events provide residents who may be left with a firearm after a family member dies or other situation with a way to get rid of it safely and legally. Keeping them around can lead to tragedy, he said.

“Two things will happen – serious injury or death,” Chief Canario said.


  1. I got several hundred dollars for some junk guns I had in the draw. I’ll use the money to buy my new AR15 . Thank !