Bristol police: Man conspires to slash ex-girlfriend’s tires

Bristol police: Man conspires to slash ex-girlfriend’s tires


A Fall River man has been arrested and charged in connection with the recent vandalism of his ex-girlfriend’s BMW.

Peter J. Austin, 39, of Fall River, Mass., turned himself in after Bristol police issued a warrant for his arrest on a conspiracy charge. Police allege Mr. Austin asked Scott Rego of Swansea, to puncture the tires of his ex-girlfriend’s car, who lives in Bristol.

Mr. Rego was caught in the act at 11:51 p.m. Sept. 27, by officers patrolling High Street. Officers saw Mr. Rego allegedly reach his arm back and make a stabbing motion toward the tire, puncturing it with a pen.

When Mr. Rego moved to the back rear tire, officers approached him, shouting “police!” Mr. Rego slowly backed away from the car. He was arrested on vandalism charges.

While in custody, police said Mr. Rego admitted that Mr. Austin gave him the address and description of his ex-girlfriend’s car, asking him to vandalize it.

According to Rhode Island court records, this is not the first time Mr. Austin has faced criminal charges. Since 1991, he has faced charges of malicious destruction of property, assault, violating a protective order, possessing marijuana and disorderly conduct.