Bristol Police log: Baby seal, syringes on the street

Bristol Police log: Baby seal, syringes on the street


bristol-police-cruiser3-300x2241Monday, April 21

Police received reports of an injured baby seal having been placed in a baby carriage on Harrison Street. Officers contacted the state Department of Environmental Management, which advised that the seal should be placed back on the beach. The marine mammal was returned to the water, and it swam away.

A caller told police the power lines near her house were making “funny noises.” Officers investigated and found no problems.

Two men were allegedly sitting in a silver Honda shooting up narcotics with a syringe in the Stop & Shop parking lot on Metacom Avenue. Officers were unable to find the men.

Tuesday, April 22

A bicyclist was hit by a car at Hope and Tupelo streets. The car — a small sedan, possibly a Dodge Neon, driven by a young man —clipped the woman’s bike with its rear panel as the car was turning right onto Tupelo Street. The man then continued driving at a normal speed without stopping. Witnesses say it appears he didn’t realize he had hit someone.

A caller on Constitution Street told police a car had been parked in front of his house for a week with the keys on the hood. Officers took the keys and returned them to their owner on Franklin Street.

A passerby reported a domestic disturbance on Richmond Street. Officers investigated, finding no disturbance, just “loud conversation between father and son.”

Wednesday, April 23

A caller reported a suspicious man standing at Hope and State streets just after 5 a.m. Officers determined he was waiting for a bus.

A clerk at Amouri’s Gas and Food Mart on Hope Street called police to report an unruly customer. A woman claimed gas was charged to her credit card by another person, and because, she said, she didn’t use the full amount of fuel, she was demanding a refund in cash. After being denied a refund, the customer reportedly became verbally abusive. She was gone by the time officers arrived.

Thursday, April 24

A caller reported a man with a camera had been sitting in a black Jaguar in the parking lot of Balzano’s Family Restaurant on Mt. Hope Avenue for more than an hour. Officers found he is a private investigator and advised him to notify police when he is working in the area.

A Deer Run Road resident told police a boxer has charged at his three-year-old son several times, and the dog is frequently off his leash in the neighborhood. The caller did not want to file charges.

Officers were twice called to Roger Williams University around 11 p.m. for reports of suspicious activity. There were no charges filed.

They were then called back that night for reports of a domestic disturbance. James Jacob, 20, of 7736 Southdown Road, Alexandria, VA, was charged with domestic vandalism in the Stonewall Building on campus.

Friday, April 25

A resident on Charlotte Drive called to report his car stolen. It had actually been repossessed.

Officers investigated reports of fraudulent activity regarding a Lottery machine and possible larceny from a vending machine at the RI Veterans Home. Bristol Police turned the investigation over to state troopers.

A caller reported college students were jumping on a trampoline and obstructing traffic on Broadcommon Road. They were gone when officers arrived.

A clerk from Amouri’s Gas & Food Mart called to report a white man stole two bongs from the store. No charges have been filed.

Saturday, April 26

A Sowams Drive resident called to complain of loose cows wandering through his backyard. The owner of nearby Raposo Farm herded the bovines back onto his property.

Sunday, April 27

Daniel Murphy, 29, of 15 Warner Brook Drive, Warwick, was charged with domestic assault.

A Wood Street resident reported finding syringes on the side of the road. Police removed the needles.

A caller complained of loud music coming from Guiteras Field at about 11 a.m. The music was being played between innings during a baseball game. Four hours later, police received another complaint about the baseball game music. The DJ at the field agreed to lower the music.

The caretaker at Juniper Hill Cemetery complained of trespassers at the private cemetery. Officers told the group permission was needed to be there, and they left.

Another syringe was found, this time at Guiteras School. Officers removed the needle.