Bristol police investigate jumper’s activity prior to death

Bridge response - 03

Bristol rescue crews aboard Marine 1 recover the body of a woman who jumped from Mt. Hope bridge on Wednesday.

Bristol rescue crews aboard Marine 1 recover the body of a woman who jumped from Mt. Hope bridge last Wednesday.

Police are continuing to gather details on the activities of the 79-year-old woman who jumped off the Mt. Hope Bridge last Wednesday.

According to Deputy Chief Steven Contente, police received a call around 10 a.m. to check the condition of an elderly woman who was seen walking in the road near Griswold Avenue at Metacom Avenue. According to the caller, the woman appeared to have stepped into oncoming traffic. When police responded to the area, the woman had already left.

Approximately a half hour later, police received another call from a motorist on the Mt. Hope Bridge. The caller reported that an elderly woman stopped her car on the bridge, exited her vehicle, looked over the railing, then returned to her car and drove away. Again, police responded to the bridge, but there was no vehicle stopped on the span.

A short time later the small, light blue car returned to the bridge. An elderly woman stepped out of the car and leaped over the side of the bridge to her death.

Bristol fire and rescue crews recovered her body in the water, approximately 200 yards west of the bridge. Police continued the investigation to determine if the woman who was reported disrupting traffic on Metacom Avenue is connected with the apparent suicide.

Out of respect to the family, the victim has not been identified.



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