Bristol police arrest three RWU students on pot charges

Bristol police arrest three RWU students on pot charges


Three Roger Williams University students are facing felony charges after police allegedly discovered narcotics paraphernalia and marijuana in their dorm rooms.

Matthew DeSantis, 18, of Northbridge, Mass.; Samuel J. McSherry, 18, of Needham, Mass.; and Carter Moore, 18, of Dover N.H., were all charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Bristol police were called to the University shortly after 10 a.m. Jan. 29, to assist the University public safety officers with a possible narcotics violation. The public safety officers had searched the students’ dorm rooms after allegedly being tipped off that they might be dealing pot.

The search of Mr. DeSantis’ room allegedly revealed a grinder, a digital scale, four rolling papers, two Visine containers, two plastic caps with metal tool bits  and a Dell black laptop, and a box of plastic sandwich bags. The items were all seized by Bristol police officers, because they were known to be use in the process of distributing pot, the police report states.

They also allegedly found $370, and a brown/green leaf substance believed to be marijuana.

In Mr. Carter’s room, police allegedly found a glass jar that contained a substance that looked like pot, a metallic grinder, a lighter, two wood cigar boxes, four rolling papers, a digital scale, and $446. Those items were also seized.

Police allegedly found pot brownies in Mr. McSherry’s room, along with plastic baggies, two cigarette rolling papers, five glass-colored pipes and $106.



  1. GASP…..those crazy college kids and their wacky tobacky are going to ruin the world. And another thing, how in the world could a college kid have soooooooooo much cash, I mean that’s unprecedented right? Surprised that they didn’t get accused of robbing a bank with all that dough.

    Hate to break it to ya, but groundbreaking research conducted by Oaksterdam University has shown that the average pothead owns a digital scale these days so they can ensure that they’re not getting ripped off when purchasing high priced sticky nugs likely the type found in young Mr. Carter’s glass jar.

    So good to know that Bristol is safe again with these hardened criminals off the street.