Bristol officials explore ‘wiping’ of harbormaster computer

Bristol officials explore ‘wiping’ of harbormaster computer


When Greg Marsili went to work June 26 as the town’s new harbormaster, he discovered something odd. The main computer appeared to be missing documents and data relative to the department.

He reported the finding to the Bristol Town Council in a July 11 department report, which states that “the harbormaster computer was wiped of all documents.”

“We are unsure if there is anything missing at the moment and are looking into whether there was an off-site (storage) for the information,” said Town Administrator Tony Teixeira. “We are trying to find out now how the information was being maintained.”

The computer was inspected by the town’s information technology contractor, Information Systems Techonology of Portsmouth, shortly after Mr. Marsili took office. According to Michele Spero, owner of the company and Bristol’s technology manager, they “found no harbors data or documents on the computer’s hard drive.”

Previously, the harbormaster’s office had not been under the town’s web server and was not maintained by the town’s IT department, Mr. Teixeira said.

“Going forward, everything will be under the town’s web server,” he said.

Spero told town officials that “only a forensic audit could confirm whether or not any data/documents had previously been saved to the hard drive and then subsequently removed.”

Mr. Teixeira also said that when Mr. Marsili started, the locks on the building and to the harbormaster’s office were then changed. Only Mr. Marsili and the administrative assistant have keys.

Matt Calouro, former assistant harbormaster, did not return an email for comment.


  1. I have been following the eploits of the Bristol Harbormaster’s office. All I have to say is WOW ! Take the 5th Mat.

  2. Always wondered why the harbor master had that big truck year round?? How he used more gas than the police chief? Always loved the stories on who was next in line for dock space! Glad the blind leaders are out of office. An audit may not cut it here, lets have state police audit this.