Bristol motorist drives flat-tired car through Warren, Barrington

Bristol motorist drives flat-tired car through Warren, Barrington


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It was just after 1 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 6 when Barrington police received a radio call from Warren to keep on the lookout for a vehicle with flat tires heading north on Route 114.

Soon after, an officer from Barrington spotted the car in question — a 1989 Ford — rolling, well, sort of rolling, along County Road near the intersection with Rumstick Road. The car’s passenger side tires were gone, and the wheel rims were digging narrow trenches into the asphalt. Smoke poured out from underneath the car as the vehicle moved past the entrance to the Barrington Shopping Center, actually crossing over the median lines a few times into the south-bound lane.

Officers ordered the car over to the side of the road, and the driver obliged, pulling his car into a real estate office parking lot on the west side of County Road. Smoke continued to fill the air around the 24-year-old car.

Officers sprayed extinguishers into the car and then questioned the driver. The elderly Bristol resident said he knew his car was experiencing some sort of mechanical issue — it is believed he struck a curb in downtown Warren and blew out the tires — but planned on driving until he reached the parking lot in front of Shaw’s Supermarket to give the car a closer look. Police noted that the man drove past the Shaw’s lot before pulling over.

Officers said the driver was not intoxicated and therefore he was not charged.

The car was towed away from the scene.