Bristol man sentenced to 20 years for 2011 stabbing

Bristol man sentenced to 20 years for 2011 stabbing


Bristol resident, Christopher Amaral, was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison for stabbing a woman with whom he had an obsession.

The crime occurred at 2 a.m. on Saturday, July, 23, 2011 when a then 21-year-old co-worker, Andrea Wilmot of Cranston got out of her car at her home.

According to police records, Mr. Amaral approached Ms. Wilmot from behind and asked her to walk with him. When she refused, he stabbed the woman nine times, wounding her in the arms, chest, shoulder and neck. The attack was so violent that pieces of metal from the weapon used lodged in Ms. Wilmot’s neck and one of her vertebra was broken. She was taken to Rhode Island Hospital where she underwent surgery for her wounds.

Mr. Amaral was later arrested by Bristol police and turned over to Cranston police who charged him with assault with intent to murder.

The two were employed at Seabra Supermarket in Cranston. Mr. Amaral allegedly left his job there after his obsession with Ms. Wilmot interfered with his work. The obsession continued, however, with Mr. Amaral accused of stalking her.

Mr. Amaral pleaded guilty to the charge in January 2013 and was given the maximum sentence of 20 years.