Bristol man charged with video voyeurism

Bristol man charged with video voyeurism

Milton C. Cabral

Milton C. Cabral
Milton C. Cabral
Police responded to a Bristol home last Monday for a report of a suicidal female, but stumbled upon something entirely different, resulting in the arrest of a local man on two felony charges.

Milton C. Cabral, 40, of 2 Chilton St., was arrested on charges of video voyeurism and soliciting another to commit a crime.

On Jan. 13, police were called to a home because a (passerby) could hear a juvenile girl yelling and screaming from inside. When officers could not gain entry by the front door, they entered the home through the side garage door, the police report states.

The homeowner seemed confused by their presence, asking who had called the police. A girl could still be heard screaming and yelling from the second floor of the home. When officers went upstairs, they saw the girl on her phone. She apparently didn’t notice the officers, as she threw her phone onto the kitchen table.

When she finally noticed the officers, she began shaking her arms and jumping in place, according to the police report.

Police asked the girl why she wanted to harm herself, which lead to the discovery of inappropriate texts sent to her, allegedly by Mr. Cabral.

She told police that she deleted the texts, but took photos of them with her iPad.

According to the report, the girl further stated that Mr. Cabral had texted her, asking her to pose nude for money. She had told him that she “did not wish to take her clothes off for pictures.”

Mr. Cabral then told her that she didn’t have to take her clothes off, but wanted her help in posing another naked female so that he could sell the pictures, the report states. Mr. Cabral allegedly said he would double that person’s dose of medication so that she would be passed out when the photos were taken.

When Mr. Cabral was arrested, police seized his phone, which allegedly revealed several photos of a female posing naked with two unknown men.

He was arraigned in 6th District Court on Tuesday, Jan. 21, and released on personal recognizance.

Mr. Cabral is due back in court on April 14, for a pre-arraignment disposition conference.


  1. How disturbing, was this young girl a juvenile or not? Does he work around children? Will he be able to still be around children? How did they know each other to be in this situation or others the same, this story is so disturbing & vague at the same time!

  2. WoW, I did say the story was vague This is a public forum to read about our community, & yes I live hear in this small community for a reason & would like to know my “neighbors” you say this is all made up & your the suicidal juvenile, His own daughter…I would never believe a police officer could even make that weird story up,honey your maturity in you respose has showed me enough, you both are creeps!