Bristol man charged with breaking into occupied home

Bristol man charged with breaking into occupied home

Richard Difrenna

difrennaFor a man who claims to run the house, he had an odd way of entering.

Bristol Police charged Richard T. Difrenna, 44, of 66 St. Elizabeth St., Apt. 2, Bristol, with breaking and entering into a dwelling of a person over 60 and vandalism last week after he allegedly climbed through the front porch window of a home on High Street — reportedly breaking four wine glasses in the process — then came face-to-face with his alleged victim.

The resident in the home told police she was in her living room watching TV on June 17 just before 10 p.m. when she heard a loud bang from another room. Investigating the noise, she was surprised to find a strange man she had never met before standing in her dining room.  She asked what he was doing in her house, to which he replied, “I run this place.”  (The woman’s two children own the home.)

After being told to leave, Difrenna started to walk toward the front door, then came back and tried to open a door to a back hall where the woman had retreated, according to police reports. She then ran out the back door where she met her daughter who had heard her mother’s screams from her third-floor apartment.

The pair ran around the house yelling for help and for someone to call police. A neighbor had also heard the screams and called police, who arrived moments later to find Difrenna still in the home. Bristol Police Sgt. Viera and Patrolman Kenney grabbed Difrenna and brought him to the floor to cuff him, reports indicate. Difrenna reportedly had no weapons and was arrested without further incident.

Bristol Fire and Rescue responded to Police headquarters to evaluate the victim after the traumatic experience. She had no injuries and declined treatment.


    • Thanks, this was a good suggestion. My favorite pictures were the ones showing his full-left-arm tattoo honoring the life of John Gotti, mobster and criminal.

      Which were your favorites?

  1. I live on High Street.

    Mr. Difrenna is lucky that he didn’t walk into my house, break four of my wine glasses, confront me, and say “I run this place.”

    If he did, everyone would be reading this story under the Obituaries section, not under the Police Blotter.

    • First and foremost I was under the influence of Ambien because I suffer from Insomnia and didn’t realize the affects of Ambien was sleep walking not knowing what your doing I am humilatated by this incident and my heart and sympathy goes out to the women that this happened to it was a horrible mistake that has altered two individuals lives and unfortunately I’m fighting for my freedom because of this unfortinate mistake I am deeply sorry Ambien is a dangerous drug which should be taken off the market