Bristol intervenes in ferry application

Bristol intervenes in ferry application


The Town of Bristol filed a motion to intervene in the application hearing of A&R Marine Wednesday, citing “real property interest at stake,” and that users of the ferry shop and park in downtown Bristol.
The property mentioned is the Prudence Island Ferry dock, located on Thames Street. The town recently purchased the lot for $800,000 from former owner Bruce Medley, who also owns and operates Prudence Island Ferry Inc. Mr. Medley is leasing the dock from the Town of Bristol for $1 per year, and expires June 14, 2014. Per the lease, he is also required to maintain the property.
However, should the R.I. Public Utilities Commission’s Division of Public Utilities and Carriers (PUC)  consider A&R Marine’s application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity (CPCN), “Bristol is ready, willing and able to enter a lease for the dock with a viable ferry operator at a commercially reasonable rent,” the motion states.
Moreover, while Bristol officials have declined to offer support for either party, the motion states that there is concern over whether ferry service will go un-interrupted.
“Based on the contradictory statements made of the current ferry operator, there is significant doubt as to the continued provision of ferry services between Bristol and Prudence Island after Dec. 1, 2013,” the motion states.
A public hearing has been set for Tuesday, Oct. 29. The public is welcome to attend the hearing, which begins at 10 a.m. in Hearing Room A of the PUC building, 89 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick.
On Sept. 19, A&R Marine — doing business as Prudence & Bay Islands Transport — filed an application for a CPCN, which would permit the company to run a ferry from Prudence Island to Bristol. That service has been offered exclusively by Prudence Island Ferry Inc., owned by Mr. Medley, since the mid-’80s.


  1. “Mr. Medley is leasing the dock from the Town of Bristol for $1 per year, and expires June 14, 2013. Per the lease, he is also required to maintain the property.” So has his lease actually expired? Or am I living in the wrong year? Or when DOES his lease expire?

  2. Easy; Bristol should not have bought the worthless dock, nor should they have continued the lease past Dec. 1st, the date Medley said he was done with it. To screw over another competitor like this is disgusting to say the least. I can see the law suit already if A&R wins it when they do not have the lease and Medley does. Does the lease state that if a new company takes over that medley’s lease becomes null and void? This was ill thought out by the Council in my opinion. Way to create a business fiasco. Also what the heck is this. “The new company will have to prove that is “fit, willing and able to provide ferry service” and that there is a need for the ferry service.” A NEED? Is it not obvious, who makes these rules?

  3. Also probably be a law suit if A&R loses it, with Bristol involved, yep you guessed it, our taxpayer money will be involved. Geesh.