Bristol Harbor is without a master

Bristol Harbor is without a master

Bristol's harbormaster boat, and office, sits without a captain during the harbor's busiest time of year.

Bristol's harbormaster boat sits without a captain during the harbor's busiest time of year.
Bristol’s harbormaster boat, and office, sits without a captain during the harbor’s busiest time of year.
On Wednesday, June 26, retiring Coast Guard Chief Gregg Marsilli will officially take over as Bristol’s harbormaster. For Town Administrator Tony Teixeira, that day won’t come soon enough.

With interim harbormaster, Matt Calouro, out on sick leave, it’s been Mr. Teixeira who’s been acting harbormaster during the harbor’s busiest time of the year.

“Without an assistant harbormaster (the responsibilities) fall under my jurisdiction,” Mr. Teixeira said. “I’ve been spending a good deal of time there, trying to keep tabs on things.”

At times, he said, he’s been at the harbormaster’s office until after 11 p.m.

Mr. Teixeira said that the harbor is not totally left unguarded. The office is occupied by an administrative assistant who handles phone calls and boater inquiries, and there are seasonal assistant and auxiliary harbormasters who assist with dock and mooring space.

“I’ve given them my person phone number in case they need to reach me,” he said.

The absence of a harbormaster was unplanned, according to Mr. Teixeira. After the town council hired Mr. Marsilli for the post, Mr. Teixeira met with Mr. Calouro on Tuesday, June 11, asking if he would stay on through the Fourth of July holiday and to help in the transition. According to Mr. Teixeira, Mr. Calouro agreed to stay on until July 5. However, the day after their meeting, Mr. Teixeira received a fax message stating that Mr. Calouro would be out of work for medical reasons and would not return until July 1.

“The timing is not the best,” Mr. Teixeira said. “Things are running as smooth as they can.”

Until he takes over the position on Wednesday, Mr. Marsilli has gotten involved in the harbormaster’s office, learning the policies and procedures he will oversee.

“Gregg is familiar with the harbor. This is nothing new to him.”

Mr. Calouro is also the harbormaster in the town of Warren. Warren town manager, Thomas Gordon, was not in the office on Monday to comment on whether Mr. Calouro is also on leave in that town.


  1. THANK YOU Mat Calouro, you have now giving Tony Texiera a new superalitive, FIRST HARBORMASTER WHO HAS NEVER BEEN IN A BOAT,and to add that since Tony has been harbormaster he found several MARINE RADIOS , unopened in a closet, never programed,they have been there from the $7500.00 in the 2011/2012 budget and this year they requested another $ 1500.00 for radios. HOW BIG IS THAT CLOSET?

  2. First off…..Vastisback…do you know what the word pusillanimous means? Once you look it up, get back to me.

    In addition, if you’re going to keep making weak and unsubstantiated comments then how about using your real name?

    Matthew J. Calouro