Bristol councilors, BCWA to discuss Poppasquash water line project tonight


The Bristol Town Council is hosting a special meeting at the Burnside Building tonight, Jan. 9 at 7 to discuss the viability of the Poppasquash water line project.

Previous reports indicated that a cost-share of the project would hold Bristol accountable for an additional $300,000 for a new 8-inch pipe.

The Bristol County Water Authority’s cost share would be about $460,000.


  1. Local Bargain Jerk said:

    Town Councilors please read this:

    If any of my tax money is used to build pipes on Poppasquash, then I want to be able to ride my bicycle to the southern tip of the peninsula whenever I want.

    If the property owners want to keep the area private, then they can fund the pipeline with their own private dollars.

    Fair is fair, boys and girls.

  2. Guy Guyverson said:


    They wont listen though……

    Frame it as “economic development” or a green initiative and maybe you will get someone to listen….