Bristol cops bust two RWU weekend house parties

Bristol cops bust two RWU weekend house parties


When raucous noise from 96 Franklin St., filtered to nearby neighbors, Bristol police were called to end the house party.

Officers were dispatched to the home at 11:25 p.m. Oct. 4 and could immediately hear loud voices and music coming from the south side of Franklin Street. One officer deployed the noise meter, which issued a reading of 68.3 decibels. The legal limit at night for a residential area is 50.

As officers walked to the rear of the building, they saw about 20-to-30 college-aged individuals coming and going from the apartment.

Joseph P. Valbona, 20, of Bedford, Mass., was allegedly seen placing two plastic bottles in a bag, which officers later identified as rum. Mr. Valbona was cited for underage possession and consumption of alcohol.

Also cited were John Taboata, 20, of NY; Dean M. Piterski, 19, of N.J.; Christopher J. Glynn, 20, of Milton, Mass.; Thomas Connolly, 20, of Dedham, Mass.; Sean Redfearn, 19, of Hull, Mass.; and Philip J. Yashinowsky, 20,of N.Y.

Only David Charles Martinez, 21, of N.Y., was placed under arrest on charges of furnishing alcohol for underage persons, and for violation of the town’s noise ordinance. Mr. Martinez, along with Mr. Yashinowsky, Mr. Glynn, and Mr. Connolly are residents of 96 Franklin St. Being the only resident older than 21, Mr. Martinez’s offense is arrest able, whereas his roommates were issued summons to appear in 6th District Court for furnishing alcohol to people under 21.

On Saturday, Oct. 5, police were called to another house party at 11:25 p.m. at 25 Viking Drive. There, officers saw 30-to-40 people walking in and out of the house. IDs were checked, resulting in the arrest of two on charges of furnishing alcohol for underage persons.

Lucas S. Aubrey, 20, of Conn., and Patrick F. Holland, 20, of Mass., were cited for furnishing alcohol; and Arda Kocturk, 18, of Conn., was cited for underage possession of alcohol.
All are students at Roger Williams University.


  1. College houses are growing in the Bristol Community. Are the party houses effecting the neighborhood and casting a shadow on the students that bring positive energy to the community?

    What are your thoughts?