Bristol cop breaks hand during fight with suspect

Bristol cop breaks hand during fight with suspect


Bristol Police Patrolman Timothy Gallison is on the shelf after a fight with a combative drunk man left him with a broken hand.

Officers were called to Aidan’s Pub and Grill on John Street on June 27 just before midnight on reports of a bar customer fighting with bouncers. David Bradford Hopkinson, 35, of 9 Grafton St., Portland, Maine, was visibly drunk, stumbling down stairs, walking into walls, even falling on his face in the bar, according to reports. Noting his condition, Aidan’s security staff escorted Mr. Hopkinson from the club, but he was apparently not done partying.

When the bouncers wouldn’t let him back into the bar, Mr. Hopkinson allegedly began to fight, “becoming physical with several staff members,” police reports indicate, prompting them to call police. Officers arrived to find the bouncers holding Mr. Hopkinson on the ground outside the bar, a crowd beginning to form around the struggle. His lip was bleeding and his front tooth was missing, though Hopkinson would not tell officers whether he had the tooth before that night.

The site of police officers reportedly did nothing to calm the intoxicated man. He continued to yell, scream and swear at officers, and tried to kick one of the bouncers even while in police custody, according to reports. While officers tried to escort Mr. Hopkinson away from the crowd, he became more combative, attempting to jerk away from police. Even after being placed in handcuffs, Mr. Hopkinson continued to fight, pushing officers with his shoulders and kicking them in the leg.

When Mr. Hopkinson continued to refuse to get in the police cruiser, officers pepper sprayed him, at which point he reportedly dove across the back seat, landing on Patrolman Gallison’s right hand, breaking a finger. Finally, officers got Mr. Hopkinson in the car, where he continued to fight, repeatedly kicking the car windows.

Mr. Hopkinson is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Patrolman Gallison was taken to Newport Hospital for treatment.


  1. Do some homework, he did not break his hand it was worse…. here is what really happened, “The results of my son Tim’s index finger after helping subdue a belligerent dunk guy the other night while on duty. The finger was dislocated, protruded through the skin and severed a tendon. Surgery is Tuesday, July 1st. He’s in a lot of pain and out of work for at least a month. “