Bristol and Warren Fire Departments battle for blood

Bristol and Warren Fire Departments battle for blood


The third annual Bristol and Warren Fire Departments blood donation challenge, a friendly competition, promises to bring hope to several Rhode Islanders and their families.

Over the first two years, the challenge has resulted in 158 pints of blood collected, helping 474 individuals and their families.

Bristol and Warren Fire Departments are holding blood drives on Saturday, Oct. 5 from 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. in the Training Room at the Bristol Fire Department, Annawamscutt Drive; and on the donor coach at the Warren Fire Department, 1 Joyce St. in Warren.

Last year, the two fire departments combined for 71 donations, potentially saving the lives of nearly 213 individuals, and in the first year of the competition combined for 87 collections, potentially helping 261 individuals.

Since three distinct products are made from each blood donation – plasma, platelets and red cells – each donation has the potential to help save three lives.

Representatives from both departments said friendly competition between the two departments has gone on for more than four decades, from who can put on the best clambake to sports competitions.

But both agree the real winners on Oct. 5 will be the blood recipients whose lives will be saved as a result of blood donations.

Fire departments statewide have become increasing active in hosting blood drives, understanding firsthand the need, and helping the Rhode Island Blood Center collect the 280 pints of blood each day to meet the needs of those hospitalized within the community.