Briden says he’s amenable to meeting about East Providence schools

Briden says he’s amenable to meeting about East Providence schools


EAST PROVIDENCE — At least one of the three City Councilors called to task for being uncooperative last week by their counterparts on the East Providence School Committee says he is, in fact, amenable to discussing the plight of the department’s tired facilities.

Ward 1’s James Briden, the Council president and ceremonial mayor, contacted The Post and via email on the July 4 holiday to clarify his position and scuttle any notion he was resistant to meeting with his cohorts on both the Council and the School Committee about the matter.

Wrote Mr. Briden, “I have never objected to meeting with the School Committee and have contacted (School Committee Chairman) Joel Monteiro and (Ward 4 Councilman) Chrissy Rossi by email suggesting an approach to facilitate an effective way of addressing the school building issues. Just thought it would be good to clarify this matter.”

Mr. Briden was responding to a story published on July 29 and in the July 3 print edition of The Post in which he along with Ward 2’s Helder Cunha and Ward 3’s Thomas Rose were accused of balking at getting together with their School Committee counterparts to discuss the rapidly declining state of East Providence High School, especially.

Members of the School Committee, at a special meeting held June 28, claimed Messrs. Briden, Cunha and Rose were being unresponsive in regards to putting a plan in place to bring the EPHS building up to standards required for it to keep its accreditation.

One Committee member in particular, Anthony Ferreira, was pointed in his remarks, saying “If we don’t work together, there’s an election in 15 months and I’m going to try to remove you from your seat” if the same Council members continued to be uncooperative. Mr. Ferreira went so far as to say he would put a sign on his van with the Councilors’ names and noting their refusal to tackle the issue.


  1. Maybe Mr. Briden should read the story above this one about the renovations to the high school gym. Actions, Mr. Briden mean much more then your words. Your great at sharing your thoughts but have yet to back them up with real achievements. Your legacy is how you just sat idly by while your two favorite council people continue to manipulate the day to day activities of our city. Have you even asked once why the tow truck is parked at city hall every day? I will say he’s getting smarter; now he’s parking behind the Weaver house so not as many people will see…jokes on him because we still do. Have you asked the city manager about the constituent list yet? I’ve been writing about it for months now. Have you asked why people who have been waiting years for sidewalk and roadway repairs are been skipped if they aren’t on the constituent list. Have you asked why the majority of DPW work (sidewalk, pot holes, tree work) are in only two wards of the city because of the special constituent list? I’ve been told that there is a big bird feeding the state loads of information about what is going on a city hall and that with the new law change the AFO isn’t coming…the full commission is coming back. Mr. Briden, is this really the legacy you want? You had better stand up and start acting like head of the council.