‘Bluemead Farm’ pitched for Barrington

‘Bluemead Farm’ pitched for Barrington


A nine-lot subdivision proposed for property near Chachapacasset Road went before the Barrington Planning Board at its meeting earlier this month.

“Bluemead Farm” is being proposed for a 13.5-acre parcel that rests on the southern side of Chachapacasset Road. The site is zoned R-25 and R-40 and portions of the site are within the wetland overlay district. Early plans show larger homes being built on larger-sized lots.

The developer is not asking for any waivers for the construction of the homes, but is calling for the creation of a new road that would act as an access point to the neighborhood; the road would enter the development opposite Lewis Street.

According to Barrington Town Planner Phil Hervey, the planning board would like to offer waivers to the developer in an effort to encourage the preservation of the existing topography of the site, which includes hills.

“Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to stick to the standards, if it means changing the site dramatically,” he said, adding that officials are hoping to limit the addition of fill during construction.

Mr. Hervey said, in his opinion, some of the more attractive neighborhoods in Barrington, like the Alfred Drown area of town, don’t meet existing standards.

The plan will be back before the planning board on Oct. 2.