BCWA: Water bills to increase March 1

BCWA: Water bills to increase March 1


Bristol County Water Authority customers will see an increase in their water bills starting March 1.

BCWA board members approved a 4-percent rate increase during its December meeting, for fiscal year 2015.

In a letter to Barrington, Bristol and Warren Town Councils, BCWA Executive Director Pam Marchand said that the rate increase is necessary to support the costs of upcoming capital improvements for the utility’s infrastructure; to build prudent reserves to cover future Other Post-Employment Benefits as required by law; and to offset predicted reductions in consumption.

“Our revenue went up this year because we had an 11-percent rate increase,” Ms. Marchand told members of Bristol’s Town Council during a special meeting Jan. 9. “But our volume of service went down by three percent. We didn’t realize that entire 11-percent increase. We’re consistently down three-percent in demand, year over year.”

The proposed new rate would increase the average residential user’s bill by $1.68 per month, or .39 cents per week. According to the BCWA, the average residential user now pays $504.15 per year.

“Hopefully we’re going to start leveling out,” Ms. Marchand said. “We’re looking at a four-percent increase every year for the next 20 years.”


  1. Instead of making it seem trivial by saying it’s only .39 a week, why doesn’t the writer tell it like it is. The increase will cost the average residential user $524.32 after the increase. With the planned 4% increases every year, we will be paying over $567 in two years! What does the average user getting for a raise this year? How is 4% a year for 20 years “leveling off”?

  2. The underhanded dealings of previous years is catching up to them. They have never explained the missing $5million or responded to other questions of accountability. It is time to dismantle this authority and go to the PUC. This is absolutely ludicrous!! Does anyone care?