BCWA: pregnant women may want to contact health department about water


Bristol County Water Authority Executive Director Pamela Marchand said pregnant women or those with infants may want to consult the Rhode Island Department of Health with concerns over trihalomethane levels.

A pair of Bristol County sample sites in Bristol were reportedly measured to have higher levels of the compound than what is allowed under new Environmental Protection Agency regulations between April and August.

Ms. Marchand said the water is safe but the test results are a “concern.”

“It’s something that, perhaps pregnant women and women with infants may want to talk to the health department,” Ms. Marchand said.

But at this point THM levels may not be what they were during the second and third quarters. THM is formed by chlorine interacting with organic compounds in water. Ms. Marchand said the BCWA treats with chlorine from May-September.

Ms. Marchand said she would not limit her water consumption.


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