BCWA consults outside counsel on voting requirements

BCWA consults outside counsel on voting requirements


Bristol County Water Authority Executive Director Pamela Marchand is seeking the advice of outside legal counsel regarding the number of votes needed to take action on specific issues, according to a press release issued Friday.

The release states Ms. Marchand is looking for advice on the interpretation of language in BCWA enabling legislation and BCWA by-laws.

Though not referenced in the press release, a statement issued on Thursday said the board of directors would need to take a third vote on the appointment of legal counsel. The board voted 4-3 on Wednesday to retain Cameron and Mittleman though the by-laws and enabling legislation reportedly conflict as to whether five votes are needed. Wednesday was the second time the board voted on legal counsel.

“Further actions, if any, by the Board will depend on the findings of outside counsel,” reads Friday’s release.

“The Board will take the appropriate actions to insure compliance with its current documentation.”