Barrington’s Victory Field goes big-time with banner

Voters at Wednesday's FTM shot down a motion that would have replaced the natural grass at Victory Field with artificial turf.

New windscreen banners loudly promote Barrington's Victory Field, which is "Home to the Eagles."

New windscreen banners loudly promote Barrington’s Victory Field, which is “Home of the Eagles.”

Thanks to a new banner, opponents stepping foot on Victory Field now know exactly where they are.

Barrington High School officials recently installed two new windscreen banners on the bleachers at Victory Field. The banner closer to the school reads “Victory Field,” while the banner closer to Federal Road finishes “Home of the Eagles.”

The Barrington Booster Club purchased the new windscreens recently, in an effort to “build school spirit and create sum buzz about the stadium field,” said Booster Club member Kevin Ryan.

The windscreens can be seen and read clearly from County Road, and beyond.


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