Barrington’s online progress reports stymied by tech glitch

Barrington’s online progress reports stymied by tech glitch

Nayatt School will host a presentation on PARCC on Feb. 24.


Some parents and students in Barrington who were hoping to view progress reports on Friday, Jan. 31, were unable to do so because of a technological glitch.

According to a school official, the district was unable to upload the progress reports onto the website, which parents and students access for assignments and other information. This was the first year when all students’ progress reports were moved online; no paper copies were sent home as they had been in the past.

On Friday afternoon, a school official alerted parents to the issue, and later that night an e-mail stated a more detailed description of the problem. It read, in part, “This issue is on the ASPEN end, not our end. They have finally been able to figure out what was causing the publication error. However, it seems as if the issue will not be resolved until early next week.”

The local school official offered an apology for the delay and stated that parents would receive an e-mail “as soon as the problem has been rectified.”

Meanwhile, a few local parents responded to a Facebook post regarding the issue. Their comments varied from “Can open Aspen, but no report for my student” to “I didn’t have any problems with it.”