Barrington woman out $4,200 after she falls for scam

barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage

barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage

A New Meadow Road resident in Barrington fell victim to a phone scam last week, and is $4,200 poorer for it.

The resident reportedly answered a call on Tuesday, Nov. 5, from someone claiming to be her grandson. The caller told the resident that she needed to pay $4,200 in order to get her grandson out of a New York jail.

She obliged and sent the money overnight express to the caller.

The next morning she awoke and started to question the exchange. She then checked with family members to see if the call was legitimate. It wasn’t, and the woman next called Barrington police to report the scam.

Police said there was nothing they could do to help recoup the money.


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