Barrington traffic stop leads to drug charges

Barrington traffic stop leads to drug charges


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An 18-year-old Riverside resident is facing a slew of charges after he forgot to use his turn signal and got pulled over by a Barrington police officer early Sunday morning.

At about 1 a.m. on Oct. 20, an officer on patrol noticed a red Honda traveling along County Road and change lanes without using a turn signal.

The officer ordered the motorist, Riverside’s Kyle John Draine, over to the side of the road near the intersection of County and Albert Avenue. When he approached the driver’s side window, the officer could allegedly smell the odor of burnt marijuana. The report also stated that the driver and a passenger were acting nervously.

A subsequent search of the vehicle reportedly revealed a small amount of marijuana and a partially consumed bottle of vodka.

Police charged Mr. Draine with possession of an alcoholic beverage by an underage person, driving in possession of a controlled substance, and a series of traffic violations. He was also issued a citation for possession of marijuana—1 ounce or less, which is a civil offense.