Barrington teenager busted for underage drinking

Barrington teenager busted for underage drinking


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A 17 year-old Barrington boy who was house-sitting for his aunt over the weekend is now in trouble with the police.

Officials said the boy decided to host a party at his aunt’s home on Bullock Avenue on Saturday night, March 22.

Police caught wind of the party after a neighbor called the department to report that two teenage boys had entered her home; she said they were carrying cups containing alcohol and thought that her house was the site of the party.

When the teenagers left her home she called police. Officers scoured the area looking for the party — they noticed a number of cars parked along various roads and checked homes on Bullock Avenue and Indigo Road and even checked an unoccupied house being built across the street from Sowams School.

Police then noticed a number of cars leaving the Bullock Avenue neighborhood and officers eventually located the apparent site of the party and knocked on the front door.

The suspect answered the door and appeared to be intoxicated. The teenager reportedly allowed police into the house, where officers conducted a search for other individuals. No one was found, but police did locate a number of cups and bottles containing alcohol.

Police charged the boy with underage possession or consumption-social host and underage consumption- consumption.