Barrington teen facing fireworks, fake ID charges

Barrington teen facing fireworks, fake ID charges


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Some Class C fireworks and a fake license have landed a Barrington teenager in some hot water.

Early Friday morning, July 5, at about 1 a.m., a Barrington police officer noticed a blue Ford pickup truck rolling down Nayatt Road, traveling 41 in the 25 mph zone.

The officer followed the truck and had a hard time making out the vehicle’s license plate information, as a Confederate flag was attached at the back of the truck and concealed the plate.

Eventually the officer ordered the truck over to the side of the road. The policeman approached the driver, Alex C. DiPaola, 18, of Barrington, and asked where he was going. Mr. DiPaola reportedly told the officer he was dropping off his passenger, although the officer found that response to be suspect, as the passenger lived in a different part of town.

Another officer who had responded to the scene, allegedly noticed some illegal fireworks in the back of the truck, and further investigation revealed a fake licence in Mr. DiPaola’s possession.

Officers seized the fake ID and the fireworks and charged Mr. DiPaola with unlawful use of a license and use/possession of Class C fireworks.