Barrington teen charged with arson, simple assault

Barrington teen charged with arson, simple assault



Barrington police charged an 18-year-old resident with domestic-arson fourth degree and domestic-simple assault after they responded to a 911 hang-up call on Thursday afternoon, Jan. 16.

Police received the call at about noon and could hear screaming in the background before the line went dead. Officers traced the call to 20 Bullock Ave. and responded to the residence.

Once there they discovered that Nicholas Zimmerman, who lives at that address, had allegedly set his bed on fire and injured his mother when he closed his bedroom door in her face.

Police charged the local teenager and rescue workers transported his mother to the hospital for treatment. Police officers used extinguishers from their vehicles to knock down the blaze, and called the fire department which responded a few minutes later.

By 12:45, firefighters were dragging smoldering furniture into the front yard. A window toward the northeast corner of the house had been ripped out and firefighters could be seen inside that section of the house.

At about 12:50, emergency medical technicians wheeled a person on a stretcher into a waiting ambulance.

Barrington firefighters fought an intense blaze less than a week ago in a different Sowams area neighborhood. On Friday, Jan. 10, the home at 41 Colonial Ave. was destroyed by fire. Colonial Avenue runs east off Sowams Road. Bullock Avenue also runs east off Sowams Road, but about a half-mile north.