Barrington team is tops at computer programming contest

Barrington team is tops at computer programming contest


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The Barrington High School team of Liam Callanan, Cassidy Laidlaw, Teddy Ni and Sahil Mishra captured first place at a high school computer programming contest held at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts recently.

The four local students — Liam and Cassidy are seniors, Teddy is a junior and Sahil is a sophomore — outscored 41 other teams from 20 different high schools to earn top honors.

The local team was ranked in fifth place or lower up until the last half-hour of the competition. “They pulled ahead during the last two minutes of the competition by solving the 12th and final problem,” stated a release on the high school’s website. The Barrington A-Team was one of only three at the competition to solve at least 10 problems.

Each team was asked to solve 12 problems within a three-hour period of time. In the case of a tie, the team which took less time to solve the problem received the higher ranking.

Barrington’s B-Team, which included juniors Rachel Sheinberg, Sam Nozaki, sophomore Vincent Portelli and freshman Will Yao, solved four problems and finished in 19th place overall.

Barrington’s A-Team earned a plaque for finishing first. Each student also earned a $1,000 scholarship which will be applied towards each year they attend Fitchburg State University if they choose to go there.

Following are the results for the top five teams from the contest:

1. Barrington High School, A-Team: 12

2. Advanced Math & Science Academy, A-Team: 11

3. Westford High School, A-Team: 10

4. Academy of AeroSpace and Engineering, A-Team: 8

5. Massachusetts Regional Voc-Tech, A-Team: 7