Barrington student’s notes result in police investigation

Barrington student’s notes result in police investigation


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Two hand-written notes left in a bathroom at the Barrington Middle School last week resulted in a police investigation.

On Thursday, Jan. 30, a school official called police after locating a potentially threatening note inside one of the school’s bathrooms. The note, which was written on a napkin and found in a toilet, read “Consider this a warning”. A second note found in the same bathroom stated “You are warned”.

According to police, some teachers at the middle school had discussed the notes and believed they knew who had written them. Police called the student and a parent and sat down for an interview with the individuals.

After a short discussion, police realized the notes had been written between two students and should not have been construed as a possible threat to the middle school community. Police said the boy who wrote the notes did so because another boy flicked him while the two were inside the bathroom.

“He just wanted to scare him,” Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said of the note-writer’s action. “He was apologetic.”

Police did not charge the boy.