Barrington student files lawsuit against town

Barrington student files lawsuit against town

Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

The Barrington Town Council denied a claim filed by the family of a Barrington High School student, after that student reportedly fell and broke his leg outside the school earlier this winter.
According to a letter from attorney Michael Farley, John Dillon, a student at the high school, was trying to enter the school through a doorway at the southwest corner of the building on Feb. 13 when “he slipped and fell due to ice and/or snow which had been negligently allowed to remain or accumulate” outside the entrance.
John reportedly broke his leg during the fall and sprained his ankle.
“John’s injuries were further aggravated by the fact that when he fell, his foot became wedged in an open space on a pillar next to the entrance way,” wrote Mr. Farley in the letter.
The council, upon recommendation of its attorney, Michael Ursillo, denied the claim filed by John and his parents, Thomas and Sharon Dillon, and referred it to the town’s insurer, Rhode Island Interlocal Trust, and the school department.
The Dillons’ attorney sent a letter to the town on March 8, alerting officials to the fact that Rappoport, DeGiovanni and Caslowitz, Inc., in East Providence, would be representing John Dillon in the claim.
Mr. Farley also alleged that the town was responsible for taking care of the grounds where the accident occurred and, “as a direct result of your allowing this condition to exist thereon, my client sustained severe personal injuries consisting of a fracture to his left leg and a severe sprain to his left ankle.”
Mr. Farley said the amount of the claim has not been determined because his client is still being treated for the injuries.