Barrington Senior Center window target for pellet gun

barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage

barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage

A custodian at the Peck Center building in Barrington, which houses the public library, senior center, Tap-In and some other offices, called police on Monday, Dec. 30, after locating a broken window on the east side of the building.

The window, which looks out from the senior center onto a wooded section of the property behind the building, had two small holes. Police said the holes appeared to have been made by BBs or pellets fired from a gun. It also appeared the shooter would have been stationed in the woods just east of the Peck Center building.

It is believed the damaged occurred during daylight hours; it was not clear if anyone was inside the senior center when the pellets broke the window.

The damage was valued at $100.


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