Barrington school dealing with head lice issue

Barrington school dealing with head lice issue



The principal at Barrington Middle School sent an email on Wednesday, June 18, to parents of local students, alerting them to a head lice issue at the school.

Dr. Andrew Anderson wrote “there have been some cases of head lice detected throughout the school. The children affected are being treated by their caregiver, and may return to school and school activities after treatment.”

Dr. Anderson’s email also offered some basic information about head lice. It stated that lice are one of the “most prevalent communicable childhood diseases among school age children” and that having head lice is not a hygiene problem.

The email shared the following bits of information to local parents:

1. When inspecting your child’s head for lice, look carefully at the nape of the neck, crown of the head and thickest part of the hair.

2. Look for nits — tiny, yellowish-white, oval eggs firmly attached to the hair shaft. Watch for live lice. They are about the size of a sesame seed, usually brown and move quickly away from light.

3. If your child does have head lice call the school and report it.

4. If your child has lice it should be treated with a special shampoo. None of the commercially available products kills 100% of the nits. Nits (eggs) should be manually removed.

5. Do not treat your child unless you are absolutely certain. Do not treat “just in case.”

6. Your child needs to be checked by the school nurse before returning to school.

For more information on head lice, people can visit and click on “district offices” drop down, under “health services” to access the document.