Barrington roadway marked with ‘satanic symbol’ and candles

Barrington roadway marked with ‘satanic symbol’ and candles


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A resident telephoned Barrington police early Tuesday morning, April 22, after spotting something that looked like satanic worship symbols.

The resident dialed the police at about 6:45 a.m. and told the dispatcher someone had spray-painted a pentagram — it was referred to as a black magic symbol or satanic star in the police report — onto the asphalt at Dana Road and also placed candles around the markings.

An officer responded to the scene and checked out the graffiti; it had initially been reported that there was some fake blood near the pentagram and candles, but that turned out to be false information.

The resident said another pentagram was painted onto a section of the East Bay Bike Path which was located nearby. The officer examined both sets of markings — the second pentagram also had candles around it — and took photographs to document the case.

It was not clear when the pentagrams first appeared.