Barrington targeted yet again by burglars

Barrington targeted yet again by burglars



Residents in West Barrington, specifically in the Bay Spring and Roberta Plat neighborhoods, awoke Thursday morning, July 10, to find their cars had been broken into.

According to police, a thief or thieves entered a number of cars on Connecticut Avenue in Roberta Plat and on Latham Avenue in Bay Spring, making off with loose change and other assorted items. The victims of the recent spree began calling police on Thursday morning to report the larcenies.

Police said that about a half-dozen residents reported the larcenies, but officials believe that more people were likely affected.

“Maybe 20 or 30,” said a police official when asked how many folks were targeted.

In addition, Warren police reported a car stolen on Main Street in that town late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. That information sparked an interest in Barrington police, who have investigated six stolen car incidents since April. Officials said that in some of the cases, the thief or thieves enter the home where the car is parked and snatch the car keys. Then they head back outside and take off with the victim’s car.

Police have recovered all but one of the stolen vehicles.

Anyone with more information about the recent larcenies should call police at 437-3930.