Barrington residents targeted in craigslist scams

Barrington residents targeted in craigslist scams


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Two Barrington residents contacted local police last week after they were involved in alleged online scams.

On Monday, Dec. 9, a local woman told police she was trying to sell an item on and received an e-mail from someone who appeared to be interested in buying it. The alleged buyer said they were going to send a check for more than the item’s asking price. They then instructed the local woman to deposit the check in her account, and later withdraw a smaller amount and wire it back to the buyer.

The Barrington woman suspected this was a scam, ended the online exchange and alerted the police.

Later that day, a Barrington man contacted police after he was scammed out of $2,700. The resident told police he was trying to purchase an ATV that was listed on He said he sent a payment to the seller, but that the money was held in a secure account until the local man received the ATV.

Before long, the seller contacted the Barrington man again and said he needed about $1,500 for shipping. The buyer sent that money also. A short while later, the seller again contacted the local man requesting another payment.

That’s when the resident became suspicious and called police.

Fearing a scam, the local man contacted Google Check-out, which was supposed to be holding the money until the ATV arrived, but learned that $2,700 had been released. Officials with Google reportedly told the local man someone pretending to be him called and said it was OK to release the money.

Officials began investigating the situation and discovered the same ATV offered at various sites on the internet. Officials tried to track down who had posted the item on craigslist but were unsuccessful.