Barrington residents spot man breaking into their cars

Barrington residents spot man breaking into their cars


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Surrey Road residents in Barrington were on edge Thursday night, May 8, after a man was spotted riffling through cars and attempting to enter homes.

Police received a 911 call at about 10 p.m. from a Surrey Road resident who said a man wearing jeans and blue hooded-sweatshirt had been seen entering cars in that neighborhood. The first caller said she checked out her car and nothing was missing, but a second caller said someone had tried to enter his home and had also stolen some items from his vehicles.

Police said the second caller actually spotted the thief walking away from his cars, so the resident followed him and saw him climb into a neighbor’s vehicle. Once the suspect realized he was being watched, he reportedly tried to hide behind the car and then fled into a back yard of a home that abuts the bike path.

Police responded to the area and scoured the streets and bike path in search of the suspect. Officers located one man on the path and interviewed him, but released him after it was determined he was not the suspect.

A day later, another Surrey Road resident stopped into the station with a black glove he found on his property. He turned it over to police as evidence, believing that it may have been worn by the thief.

Anyone with more information should call police at 437-3933.