Barrington resident summonsed for cat poop incident

Barrington resident summonsed for cat poop incident


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A Barrington woman who grew tired of her neighbor’s cat defecating on her property was issued a summons for illegal dumping after she was caught throwing the cat feces into the roadway, said local police.

Barrington police received a phone call on Monday, March 24 at about 6:44 p.m. from a man who said he saw his neighbor “again” throwing cat “excrement” in the road on Wright Place.

An officer responded to scene and spoke with the individuals involved.

The suspect, Colleen Nolan, reportedly told police that her neighbor’s cat had been defecating all over her property on repeated occasions. She reportedly grew tired of the recurring problem, said police, and began throwing the feces and some dirt in the roadway. Wright Place is a short, dead-end road in Hampden Meadows.

The complainant told police that he offered to clean up after his cat, but that Ms. Nolan refused the offer.

Police said Ms. Nolan tried to clean up some of the feces off the roadway. Officers later issued her a summons for illegal dumping.


  1. If cat owners would keep their cats inside, as is recommended by most vets and is better for the cat (and birds), this would not be an issue. While flinging poop can’t be tolerated, the ultimate fault belongs to the cat owner (and as a cat owner, I feel entitled to say so).

    • “If cat owners would keep their cats inside, as is recommended by most vets and is better for the cat…”
      wrong, Wrong, WRONG !!!
      Cat are animals and they belong O-U-T-S-I-D-E !!!
      I have a cat, she is in at night, during bad weather and when feeding, otherwise she is OUTSIDE!
      As far as vets recommending that cats stay inside – that’s total misinformation – I’ve been told by local vets that cats are “more sane” when allowed to roam free outside.
      It would be cruel to keep my cat inside – she would go nuts!

      • If cats are kept inside from the time they are kittens, they have no trouble staying inside. I’ve have 10 cats over the past 30 or so years (yes, I do know that this calls my sanity into question), all of them were well-adjusted to living inside, and all that have died lived to at least 16 years of age. Not many outdoor cats make it to that age because of early death by car, coyote, injuries, or disease. (Somewhat) respectfully, your attitude is archaic, uninformed, and not looking at the big picture. What’s better, a house-bound cat that is safe and healthy or a prematurely dead cat that got to play in the grass?

        • “your attitude is archaic”…
          OK – let me see, domestic cats have been around since Egyptian times and living perfectly happy lives outside, but..that’s archaic.
          Is it better to live 100 years as a lamb or 10 years as a lion? I guess that’s up to the cat / owner.
          Just keep your better than thou attitude to yourself.
          And by the way, yes you are a “crazy cat lady”.