Barrington resident says thanks, but no thanks to shelter dog

barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage

barrington-police-cruiser - stockimage

A Maple Avenue resident had second-thoughts about a dog she adopted from the SPCA.

The woman, who had recently adopted a Weimaraner from the SPCA shelter in East Providence, called police on Thursday, Feb. 6 reporting problems with the dog. She told police that the dog was acting aggressively with her children and had bitten her 19-year-old son.

“She wanted to get it out of her house,” stated the narrative from the police dispatcher.

The Barrington animal control officer responded to the residence, took possession of the dog, and brought it to the East Providence animal shelter.

It was not clear how long the dog had lived with the Maple Avenue family before it was sent back to a shelter.

The Weimaraner was originally bred for hunting large game, such as boar, bear and deer. They reportedly require extensive exercise: “Weimaraners are high-energy and often wear out their owners, requiring appropriate training to learn how to calm them and to help them control their behavior,” stated a post on wikipedia.