Barrington resident questioned about his cats

Barrington resident questioned about his cats



On Tuesday, July 1, Barrington police received information about a Candleberry Road resident who may have been mistreating cats.

An officer stopped by the home to check out the tip and spoke to the homeowner who allowed the officer to tour the house. Once inside the home, the police officer reportedly recognized a distinct and unpleasant smell associated with cat urine. The officer then asked to see the cats in the basement — that’s when the resident halted the tour.

According to police, the resident asked the officer to leave, stating that his poking around was an intrusion of privacy. The officer, while leaving the house, warned the resident that he could acquire a search warrant for a closer examination of the property.

A short while later, the resident called the department and invited the officer to tour the cellar. The officer returned to the house and checked out the basement; he said there were three cats in the basement and that each had food and water and appeared to be in good health.