Barrington recycles more than most towns in RI

Barrington recycles more than most towns in RI


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Recent data from the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation shows that Barrington residents recycle more than their peers in most other towns in the state.

In fact, the town ranks fourth in an analysis of recycling rates for Rhode Island communities. This year, Barrington recycled nearly 2,300 tons of material, or 281 pounds of recycling per person.

Only Block Island, Jamestown and Little Compton held better recycling rates.

The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation released its profit sharing information on Monday, Sept. 30; the state made $740,626 in the sale of recycled material. Barrington received $17,808 for its share of the profits, which is a $30,000 drop from last year.

“While shipments have increased, the value paid for these recyclables depends on open market demand,” stated a release from the Corporation. “This results in a fluctuation in total recycling profits from year to year.”

Barrington residents recycled more material this year, a bump from 2,218 tons in 2012 to 2,292 this year. That total was more than most other East Bay communities: Bristol recycled 1,720 tons, while Warren recycled 1,197. Portsmouth residents recycled 1,927 and Tiverton recycled 1,979. East Providence, a city of 47,000 people, recycled 4,863 tons of materials.

Following is a breakdown of recycling rates (per person) for all East Bay towns:

1. Little Compton —545 tons, 312 pounds per person

2. Barrington — 2,292 tons, 281 pounds per person

3. Tiverton — 1,979 tons, 254 pounds per person

4. Warren — 1,197 tons, 225 pounds per person

5. Portsmouth — 1,927 tons, 222 pounds per person

6. East Providence — 4,863 tons, 206 pounds per person

7. Bristol — 1,720 tons, 150 pounds per person