Barrington ‘pool-hoppers’ questioned by police

Barrington ‘pool-hoppers’ questioned by police


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Two Barrington teenagers seen peering into the windows of a Nayatt Point home last week told police officers they were just looking for a place to cool off and had no plans of breaking into the house.

On Tuesday, May 21, at about 4:20 p.m., a Nayatt Road resident called police after she noticed two men lurking around a nearby home, looking into its windows. The caller told officers she believed the homeowners were not around and she was concerned about the situation.

Officers responded to the Nayatt Road home and spoke with the caller, who offered a description of the suspects. Police later located the two teenagers — both are 17 and residents of Barrington — near the end of Elm Lane, which is in the Nayatt Point neighborhood.

The teenagers told police that they were not casing the house, rather looking for a place to cool off; the home in question has a swimming pool. The teens said they thought the homeowner was out of town, but did not proceed with their dip after noticing that someone was home and already using the pool.

Police did not charge the teenagers.