Barrington police: Teens broke into middle school, stole computer chip

Barrington police: Teens broke into middle school, stole computer chip


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Police charged a 15-year-old Barrington boy and 16-year-old Barrington boy with breaking and entering after the two were allegedly caught leaving the middle school at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 29.

There was no school on Nov. 29.

Police said the two boys entered the building through a ground-level vent, followed pipes to a boiler room and then made their way to the library. One boy allegedly took an Apple TV A5 chip processor from the library also.

The alarm company notified the police after the protection system detected motion and voices inside the building.

Officers parked their cruisers and began an exterior check of the building. One officer looked through a window and saw two figures heading toward the northwest corner of school.

Police ran to that area and spotted the two boys running north toward Lincoln Avenue.

Cops shouted for the boys to stop, and one did. The other continued to run, but then banged into a low wall “causing him to fall over into a brushy/lightly wooded area.”

Police charged both teens with breaking and entering a building with felonious intent. Police also located a small amount of marijuana on the 16-year-old and issued him with possession of marijuana, 1 ounce or less.

According to the police report, the teenagers were very cooperative with officers during the incident. The showed officers where they entered the building and how the grate covering the vent swung open. “They stated that they weren’t planning on going into the school. They only thought that they would come out on the other side of the school.”

Both boys were later released to their mothers.