Barrington police: Man lies to gain access to school

Barrington police: Man lies to gain access to school


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Officials at Hampden Meadows School in Barrington called police on Monday, Dec. 9, after an older man stopped by the school and asked to be buzzed into the building.

A school employee asked the man why he wanted to enter the school and he said he had papers to drop off, but once she buzzed him through, the subject headed straight for a boys’ restroom.

A school employee stopped the man and told him he needed to use the adult restroom. He went to that bathroom, but upon finding it occupied, went back and used the boys’ restroom.

School officials recorded the license plate number of the man’s car and police later stopped by his home. The man apologized for the situation and said it was an emergency and he needed to use a bathroom badly.

Asked why he lied to a school worker, he said he was too embarrassed to tell them he needed to use the bathroom.